Chris Messina in Sam Smith’s Music Video

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Adam Pally Event Photos Added

4th Annual Production Of The 24 Hour Plays In Los Angeles – 6/20/14
OCRF’s 17th Annual Super Saturday – 7/26/14

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Xosha Roquemore on Veria Living

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Den of Geek’s Interview with Ike Barinholtz

Den Of Geek: Let’s get this out of the way first. What’s the worst neighbor experience you’ve ever had in your life?

Ike Barinholtz: I’ve been pretty lucky with neighbors. But back in 1998 I lived like literally next door to Wrigley Field in Chicago. And I had like 50,000 bad neighbors spread out over the course of one summer. I’m a diehard Cubs fan but living right next to the ballpark it’s just — as you’re trying to go to sleep, you can just like hear urination. You can hear like, you know, just like big fat Chicago guys f**ing with each other, you know what I mean? Just constantly having an influx of incredibly drunk Cubs fans was pretty intense.

I can’t even imagine what that must have been like.

It was rough. It was brutal.

How would you rate yourself as a neighbor? Did you ever intentionally mess with anybody?

You know, I do feel like you want to keep close quarters comfortable. And if you have bad neighbors and you exacerbate the situation you’re gonna make yourself miserable. They’re gonna get you back. So I am very Games of Thronesian about it.  That way if I do have a party or are too loud one night they instead of calling the cops will just kind of be cool and knock on the door. Keep your enemies close.


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Beth Grant Event Photos Added

+ The Art Of Elysium Celebrates The Release Of “Child Of God” – 8/01/14

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Event Photos Added

66th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations – 7/10/14 (Mindy)
2014 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour – 7/20/14 (Cast)

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“The Mindy Project” Spoilers from E! Online

Grant: Mindy, Mindy, Mindy!
Hmm…we’re pretty sure you’re asking about The Mindy Project and we’re more than happy to share some goods: Mindy Kaling said she’s drawing inspiration from couples such as I Love Lucy‘s Lucy and Desi and Modern Family‘s Claire and Phil for Mindy and Danny in season three. Oh, and the ex-boyfriend of Mindy’s returning in episode two? While the deal isn’t done yet, Kaling said it’s a “recent” one. 


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‘Mindy Project’ star Adam Pally reveals which celeb sex tape he owns

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The Mindy Project Just Cast an It’s Always Sunny Star as Morgan’s Cousin and It’s Perfect

Here’s the thing about missing your favorite TV show. Sometimes you miss it so much, just the idea of what might happen between two actors when a new one is cast and can make you all tingly and giggly. Case in point!

The Mindy Project has cast It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia  star Rob Mcelhenny to play the cousin of Morgan, Ike Barinholtz. Both characters are weird, both actors are high-larious, and the idea of both actors together is pretty much making our Thursday right now.

Ike, of course, is a fan favorite on  the Fox hitcom (don’t make us tell you for the 85th time you’re an idiot for not watching), and Rob is a fan favorite on Sunny. Rob will appear in the premiere episode as Cousin Lou Tookers, a recent hire to the office who is supposed to be fixing the computers. He’s a “sunburt criminal type, hot but sleazy.”

“Hot But Sleazy.” We want Ike and Rob to start a band.


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