MINDY PROJECT FANS GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets to see Adam Pally Live!!

Adam Pally, along with many other celebrities including Justin Bartha and Jean Smart will be taking part in a live staged reading of “The Seekers of Perpetual Love” directed by screenwriter Victoria Strouse on Saturday, September 20th in Hollywood at the Montalban Theatre. The reading is scheduled from 8-11pm.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at http://www.blcklst.com/events for $35.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are able to attend the event, we have good news for you!

Mindy Project Fans is giving away a pair of tickets to the live reading featuring The Mindy Project‘s very own Adam Pally who plays Peter!

If you would like to win 2 tickets to this event, please comment below and tell us what your favorite Peter Prentice moment is!

The deadline for entry is Wednesday, September 17th at midnight PST. The winner will be chosen and contacted via e-mail and announced on our Twitter feed on Thursday, September 18th.

Good luck!!

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Adam Pally: The Bro You Need to Know

It’s not quite breaking news, but anybody with any pop culture savvy already knows that Adam Pally gives good “bro.” The quintessential buddy/guy-next-door/bro-you-can-hang-with has become one of TV’s more reliable supporting players. It may have started with his role in ABC’s cult hit Happy Endings. (Fans are still miffed over the show’s cancellation.) But when Pally turned up on the Fox hit The Mindy Project last season, the actor added a rare creative combo platter of smarts and humor with his character Peter Prentice. He blended into Mindy Kaling’s star vehicle so well that it helped fuel another season pick up.

But Pally is good at being a team player. After climbing the ranks of New York’s improv scene, the New Jersey-born actor eventually found himself orbit around the TV Universe. His comic verve goes beyond that, however. Case in point: his collaboration with Philips Norelco and YouTube titans like The Warp Zone spawned an online outing dubbed Game of Bros. Sure, the branded comedy videos promote Philips Norelco’s Click & Style razor but they also reveal Pally’s broad range and impressive ability to morph into the “American Bro.”

Here, on the eve of the season three premiere of The Mindy Project, the actor opens up about comedy, the secret to being part of a winning ensemble and other quirky anomalies.

Adam Pally: What’s up, dude?

Greg Archer: You know, I’m evolving. How are things with you?

Adam Pally: I’m alright. I’m getting “evolved.”


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Mindy Project Shocker: Shonda Rhimes Is a [Spoiler] Champion!

Shonda Rhimes has a hidden talent, and The Mindy Project is about to blow the lid off of it.

As TVLine was first to report, the empress of Shondaland will make her acting debut this fall when she guest stars as herself in an episode of the Fox comedy — and we can now reveal what draws her into the show’s orbit.

“She’s a beer pong expert,” reveals co-star Beth Grant with a laugh. “[She's] the reigning beer pong champion at Dartmouth.”

Based on the above photo tweeted by Mindy writer-actor Ike Barinholtz, many of the show’s male characters have apparently been aware of Rhimes’ secret hobby. (Our guess: A beer pong tournament will be held during Dartmouth Reunion Week.)

Fun fact: Mindy Kaling and Rhimes are both Dartmouth alumni.

Mindy is back for Season 3 this Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c.


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Inside the Mind of The Mindy Project’s Resident Weirdo, Ike Barinholtz

It takes a really smart and well-adjusted person to play someone so odd as Morgan Tookers. We grilled the brilliant actor on how he does it.

Being a scene stealer is hard enough. But Ike Barinholtz, who plays what could possibly be the weirdest and somehow most endearing character on TV, well-meaning and boundary-less nurse Morgan Tookers on The Mindy Project, is balancing his breakout as TV’s most valuable supporting player with his roles as writer and co-producer on Mindy Kaling’s ever-popular Fox sit-rom-com.“I wear many, many hats,” Barinholtz laughs when we chat just before The Mindy Project’s third season premiere on Tuesday. “I’m a caterer this year, too. It’s my real passion.”But as is ever evident, as Barinholtz’s performance has elevated Morgan from the kind of character you laugh at uncomfortably to the fully realized oddball who you can’t explain why you want around as your best friend (think Rainn Wilson’s Dwight in The Office or Chris Pratt’s Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation), the Chicago comedian’s real real passion is making people laugh.[READ MORE...]

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Mindy Kaling Honors Joan Rivers: “She Knew How to Take an Insult”

During a packed The Mindy Project press day in New York City, Mindy Kaling spent a moment reflecting on the comedy greatness of the late Joan Rivers.

“Joan was so incredible for so many reasons. … She was completely fearless and totally fine with taking an insult,” she said on Friday morning, as part AOL’s BUILD Speaker Series. Though Kaling didn’t personally know the comedian, who died last Thursday following cardiac arrest, she praised her body of work and lightheartedly noted that she was a victim of her Fashion Police lashings on several occasions. “Letting your sensitivities drop — we can’t be offended when people call girls ugly. We can’t be offended when boys say that they think we’re fat. Those are things that should not be important to us. … She was both someone who dished a lot but also taught, ‘Hey, don’t take it personally.’ So that was very inspiring.


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Mindy Kaling on HuffPost Live

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Mindy Kaling on “Today” Show

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Mindy Kaling on Letterman

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Mindy Kaling on “Kelly and Michael”

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FLARE’s October Cover Star Is… Mindy Kaling!

It’s 8:30 on a Thursday morning and Mindy Kaling is looking boss: black blazer, navy-and-white-striped T, black shorts embellished with gold sequined fleurs-de-lys—a far cry from the Rainbow Brite separates she wears as hot mess Mindy Lahiri on her slavishly watched sitcom,The Mindy Project.

And then, shortly after we take our seats … “This is fruitless! Why is this so hard?!” Kaling is struggling to remove her blazer, but one arm is stuck in a sleeve. I freeze for a few seconds, unsure of how to proceed. I feel as though I know Mindys Kaling and Lahiri intimately well, thanks to the former’s bestselling memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (a second installment is to be published next year) and the latter’s television series about a love-obsessed OB/GYN (its third season debuts Sept. 18 on City). I almost reach out and pull her arm through, but then realize it’s way too soon to get feely. Thankfully, Kaling successfully extracts herself—“25 years later!”—and we turn our attention to a menu of $22 egg dishes.


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