Mindy Kaling on Sesame Street

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One Big Dysfunctional Family

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#3.05 – “The Devil Wear Lands’ End” Episode Stills

#3.05 – “The Devil Wears Lands’ End”

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#3.05 – “The Devil Wears Lands’ End” Episode Summary

#3.05 – “The Devil Wears Lands’ End” — Mindy gets herself and Danny into trouble when she tries to fix the practice’s image in the eyes of the hospital’s new head of obstetrics. Meanwhile, Peter puts his grudge against Jeremy aside when he discovers that his colleague’s beer pong skills could help him beat TV creator Shonda Rhimes (guest-starring as herself), the reigning Dartmouth Alumni Match champion.

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Trailer for Mindy’s New Film, “Inside Out”

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Lunch with Adam Pally: Bourbon at 11 a.m. and conversations about Prince

When you’re asked if you want to go to lunch with Adam Pally, the first thing you do is say yes. Then, from there, you and Adam can probably figure the rest of it out, in terms of what you want to talk about, what you can eat at 11 a.m., etc. In fact, your lunch might end up going a little something like this …

Having lunch at 11 a.m. can feel a bit odd, but it’s a fact that Pally will acknowledge before ordering lobster anyway.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So how are things going? When did you get here?
I don’t know where I am. I was shooting until 8 p.m. last night. I got picked up in a car. Someone gave me a bag of clothes that wasn’t mine.

Did they fit?
I mean, barely. These pants I’m wearing right now are like real strung together. I’m giving these pants quite a workout. And then I got on a plane and landed here at like 7 a.m., threw my stuff at the hotel and came here, so I don’t know where I am or what’s going on.


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Cheers Vet Rhea Perlman Praises Her Mindy Project Arc: ‘This Is Funny Stuff’

We at TVLine have seen tonight’s Mindy Project (Fox, 9:30/8:30c), in which Rhea Perlman debuts as Danny’s hard-to-please mom, Annette Castellano. Perlman herself hasn’t, though not for lack of trying.

“I’m so technologically impaired,” theCheers vet says, laughing. “They sent [the episode] to me this weekend, and I couldn’t open it. And I tried everything! So there you go. But I know what I did, so I know it was a good episode!”

She’s not wrong. The installment begins with Mindy gunning to win Ma’s approval, but her plan (naturally) devolves. Before the end of the half hour, the two women have traded barbs, made Danny extremely uncomfortable and — without giving too much away — flailed around on the floor.

We chatted with the Emmy Award-winning actress — who’ll be back for more episodes later this season — about what Mama Castellano’s cooking up for Danny and Mindy.

TVLINE | Even though Annette Castellano doesn’t show up on screen until this episode, she’s been a presence in the show for a while. What attracted you to the part?
The writing. This is funny stuff. Their character development, it’s not straightforward. You don’t know which direction it’s going to go in. It’s very appealing. I’m going to do a few episodes this year, and already, I’m finding out stuff about this character that I would never have dreamed of. It’s not just some mom who’s sitting there, cooking dinner. I think Mindy’s got kind of a genius thing going on. [Laughs] She really is so smart.


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#3.04 – “I Slipped” Episode Summary

#3.04 – “I Slipped” – Mindy and Danny dive into uncharted waters in their relationship, which leaves Mindy believing she must pull out all the stops to impress her man. Meanwhile, Morgan tries to trick Jeremy and Peter into reconciling their feud.

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#3.04 – “I Slipped” Episode Stills

#3.04 – “I Slipped”

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Ed Weeks on Craig Ferguson

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